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last updated 07/16/08 (please excuse the mess web page is still under construction) send comments or questions to tomatoman1969@yahoo.com OR give us a call (805)-524-5533

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Producing hydroponicaly grown tomatoes, cucumbers & other produce sold exclusively through Certified Farmers Markets from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles.

Yes we really grow everything we sell at the Farmers markets.


 Beylik Family Farms official tomato tester


yellow tomatoes grown hydroponicaly @ beylik farms


Hydroponicaly grown  European cucumbers

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California Heart Land





pepper season @ Encino farmers market

Our terrific Tomatoes, Cucumbers and seasonally - Sweet Peppers, Eggplant, Artichokes, Melons and Sweet White Corn are available exclusively at Certified Farmers Markets near you.

Crop pollination, although they are grown in greenhouses  our tomatoes are pollinated by bumble bees (supplied by Plant Sciences Inc.)

Biological control of insects, Beylik Family Farms tomatoes are all natural, they are never waxed or coated. We use beneficial insects to control harmful pest. It's all part of our Integrated Pest Management program, which insures you get the healthiest quality tomatoes.


A little history about the Beylik Family. For almost 35 years, the Beylik Family has been dedicated to producing the very best produce possible from our farm near Fillmore in Ventura County. Sometimes the phrase "family business" is included because it sounds nice. More than mere words here, four generations of Beylik's work and care for our crops everyday. Our produce is available exclusively through Certified Farmer's Markets from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles. We are all very proud of the quality of our offerings and hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed growing them for you.

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