Day 84 - I'm Taller Than My Dad!

Hi everyone. It's me Tommy!

My brothers and sisters and I had a great week here at Beylik Family Farms. My mom Laura and Dad Scott spend so much time with us making sure we're all well taken care of.

You'll never guess how much I've grown! Take a look at the picture below.

I'm 6 feet 3 inches tall!

Do you know how tall that is? Take a look below!


I'm taller than my dad!

My dad is so proud of me for growing so tall and handsome. In fact, he whispered into my ear and said I was the best looking tomato plant in the family! It made me feel special but my dad probably tells all of us that. He's just like my mom. Always encouraging us to be the best tomato plant we can be and to grow the best tomatoes ever!

Speaking of tomatoes, take a look below.


Don't my tomatoes look great! They almost double in size every week.

I love being a tomato plant. I get to live in a great house that was built specially for me, I get the best food, water and sunshine here on the farm, and I get to be my favorite color. Green!

In fact, I'm surrounded by green! Take a look at the picture below.


Don't my brothers and sisters and I look great!

Oh! Wait! My dad just said, "Don't get used to all the green Tommy. Something is about to happen."

I asked him, "What's about to happen?" and he said, "You'll have to wait Tommy, It's a surprise!"

I love surprises!

Come back next week everyone and maybe I'll have a surprise to share with you.

See you all next week!

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