Day 98 - I'm Turning Red!

Hi everyone. It's me Tommy!

The most exciting thing that's ever happened to me started happening this week.

My brothers and sisters and I started turning red!

Can you believe it!

Take a look at the picture below.

Yep! That's me! My entire life I've been green. Green stem, green leaves, green tomatoes, I think I even dream in green!

One day I woke up, looked down, and my tomatoes were turning orange! I was so frightened I called out for my mom and dad and they both came running just as fast as they could.

Instead of asking me what was wrong, they both just smiled and said, "Congratulations Tommy! Your color broke!"

I told my parents that didn't sound good but they assured me it's perfectly normal. A color break is just a common term for my tomatoes turning from green to the slightest orange color. My tomatoes will continue to turn brighter and brighter orange, and eventually turn a bright beautiful red!

I asked my dad why my tomatoes turn red and he said it's because of something I produce naturally inside my body called ethylene. When my tomatoes reach a mature green stage, my body naturally begins to produce ethylene. Ethylene works with the lycopene and carotene already inside my body to turn my tomatoes red. He said it's called the ripening process.

Wow! My dad Scott is the smartest farmer in the world, maybe the universe! I'm so lucky to have such great parents like my dad Scott and mom Laura. I wish every tomato plant in the world could be so lucky!

This is such a magical time for my brothers and sisters and I. It's so beautiful here on the farm with everyone changing different shades of green, orange and red. See the picture below?

That's just part of the beautiful view I get to see everyday. It's the view of my brothers and sisters right across from me. Don't they look beautiful!

Check out the picture below!


Look at how fast one of my brother's tomatoes ripened! I asked my dad why it ripened so much faster than the tomatoes right next to it and he said it's just nature taking its course. Some tomatoes turn red fast, while others take more time. It's all perfectly natural and healthy.

OK everyone! I'm going to go now so I can stand in the sun for a while. I've got to see if I can catch up to my brother and grow a few bright red tomatoes of my own!

I bet I can beat him.

See you all next week!
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