Day 112 - My First Ripe Tomatoes!

Hi everyone. It's me Tommy!

My dad Scott said something special was going to happen this week and it sure did!

My first tomatoes are ripe and ready for harvest!

Don't they look Amazing!

My mom Laura and dad Scott had been keeping a close eye on me all week waiting for the perfect time to harvest my first tomatoes. They kept walking by and walking by and walking by...

And then it happened.

My dad bent down, whispered into my ear, "Tommy, It's time!"

I was so excited. All of my brothers and sisters gathered around and watched as my dad picked my first tomato!

Check out the picture below...

That's my dad harvesting my first tomato!

It makes me so happy to fulfill my purpose in life to give the gift of delicious tomatoes to the world!

And growing up here at Beylik Family Farms in Fillmore allows me to fulfill that purpose like no other tomato plant.

All the love and care I receive here on the farm, combined with my dad's decades of experience growing tomatoes, makes my tomatoes some of the best in the world.

Take a look at the picture below.


That's my dad picking first tomatoes from my brothers and sisters in my row!

I'm so proud of my brother and sisters and I. I think we're a great looking family.

My dad says next week my ripe tomatoes are going somewhere special.

I'll let you all know where my first tomatoes go in next week's blog post.

See you all next week!
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