Day 21 - I've Got Roots!

Hi Everyone!

It's me Tommy. Can you see me in the picture below with all of my brothers and sisters?

We're all so happy here at Beylik Family Farms in Fillmore. My mom Laura and Dad Scott take such great care of us.

Someone walked by today and called them "Helicopter Parents." I don't know what that means but is must mean they love us very much.

I have to tell you what happened today!

I was talking to my dad and I asked him why I'm feeling so much stronger over the past few days?

He picked me up and showed me something I didn't even know I had. They're called roots! I've got roots! See the picture below. I had no idea they were even down there.

Remember last week when I talked about how I was growing what looked like hair? My dad said my hair in the soil have turned into roots. He said my roots are how I eat and drink!

My dad said he is so proud of me for growing such strong healthy roots. See the picture below? He took a close up picture.

He's probably going to put this picture in his wallet and show it to all of his friends. My mom Laura shows my baby picture to her friends all the time.

Speaking of mom, she just told me I have to get off the computer now. I need to get rest so my roots can grow even bigger!

Oh! I almost forget. My dad had a friend take a short video of us together. You can watch it now below.

See you all next week!


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