Day 24 - A New Bed!

Hi Everyone. It’s me Tommy!

My dad Scott said I was allowed to blog once per week; but today he said he would make an exception to tell you the exciting news.

I’m getting a new bed!

My dad said my roots have grown so big that I'm outgrowing my seedling tray.

See the picture below.


That’s my uncle Charo. He's preparing my new bed. Doesn't it look great! Uncle Charo takes such good care of me.

He also likes to tell jokes. Here's the joke he told me today. "Why do cows have bells? Because their horns don't work!" Uncle Charo is so funny.

You want to know what else my dad said?

I’m getting a present to go with my new bed!

This day just keeps on getting better and better!

My dad said the present is a surprise; but he did give me a hint. He said it had something to do with food. Any guesses what it might be?

OK. I’m moving to my new bed this Friday! As soon as I move, I’ll show you a picture of me in my new bed and a picture of my present. I can't wait!

See you all soon...


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