Day 42 - I've Got My Very Own String!

Hi everyone. It's me Tommy!

It's been an exciting day for my brothers and sisters and I here at Beylik Family Farms.

It all started with my afternoon nap. I had the strangest dream. I kept falling down, and falling down, and falling down. I just couldn't stand up. Then, out of nowhere, a giant with long white arms gently helped me stand up!

I suddenly woke up and realized I wasn't a dream at all!

Well, except for the giant part.

What happened was my dad and his friends surprised us with our very own strings and clippers!

Look at the picture below. My dad took a picture while we were napping.


My dad said without stings and clippers, eventually I would get so big and tall that I would fall over. Having the support structure of a sting and clippers allows me to grow even bigger and stronger!

See the picture below? That's one of my new clippers.


My new clippers are so comfortable.

Oh! I almost forgot. My mom and dad both said to say hello. They are so happy thousands of people are reading my blog and learning about my life story.


I saved the biggest surprise for last. Look at the picture below!


I'm 20 inches tall now! I grew 10 inches in just one week!

It's amazing what love and care from great parents can do.

And speaking of love and care. My mom loves me so much she helped me make a video for you of everything that happened today. You've got to watch it.

Thank you for watching the video and reading my blog. I've got to go now. My mom said I'm only allowed an hour a day on the computer. Mom always knows what's best for me.

I'll see you all next week!


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