Day 35 - I'm 10 Inches Tall!

Hi everyone. It's me Tommy!

Guess what I found out today.

I'm only 7 weeks old and I'm already 10 inches tall!

It all started out earlier today when my dad Scott and I were playing.

See the picture below?

My dad was tickling my roots and making me laugh so hard. My roots and the bottoms of my leaves are so ticklish!

We have so much fun here at Beylik Family Farms.

After I caught my breath, I asked my dad if he thought I could ever play professional baseball for my favorite team the Los Angeles Dodgers.

He said if I want to play for the Dodgers, I need to start playing t-ball right away! I'll also have to grow big and strong!

I asked my dad if 10 inches was tall for my age and he said Yes.

He said I'm growing so tall because of something he puts in my bed!

It's called coarse Coco Coir fiber that comes from the husks of coconuts.

Take a look at the picture below.

He said coarse Coco Coir fiber is different than the fine Coco Coir fiber that was in my seedling tray.

Air pockets in coarse Coco Coir fiber allow my roots to get oxygen, stay dry, and provides a stable material to grow in. 

My dad also said I don't get any vitamins or minerals from Coco Coir fiber. He said everything I need to grow comes from my dripper's mix of specially formulated vitamins and minerals.

My dad is so smart! His friends call him the Albert Einstein of tomato farming.

Well everyone, I've got to go. My mom is calling me. It's either time for dinner or the Dodger game is on.

I'll see you all next week!


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