Day 7 - First Sprout

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my life story.

My mom Laura and dad Scott have been taking good care of me over the past 7 days here at Baylik Farms.

You'll never guess what they told me!

What I thought were my first two leaves are actually not leaves at all. They are something called my Cotyledon. Cotyledons are actually part of my seed and feed me until my true leaves develop.

Me and my brothers and sisters are part of an extended family of plants called "Dicots." It's short for Dicotyledonous. It's OK, I can't pronounce that word either. But my dad said it means before producing leaves we produce two Cotyledons.

OK. I know you've been waiting for it. Are you ready? Take a look at my baby picture below.

That's me! The very morning I first sprouted.

Well. All this blogging has made me tired. I think I'll take a nap.

But before I go, want to hear me talk?

I thought you would! Please watch the video below.

See you all next week!


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