Day 1 - Seeding

Hi everyone.

My name is Tommy The Tomato.

This is my life story.

My parents, Scott and Laura Beylik, really love me.

I know this because my life begins in something really good for me. A seedling tray filled with a fine Coco Coir fiber.

Coco Coir fiber comes from the small fines of a coconut husk. My parents get this stuff all the way from India!

Look at the picture below...

See those hands? They belong to my dad Scott. He's been farming since forever and knows how to take good care of me. He's getting my bed ready. They call my bed a seedling tray.

See those hands? They belong to my uncle Danny. He works with my dad here on the farm. He loves me so much he wanted to help make my bed. See how he uses his fingers to make a nice comfortable spot for me and my brothers and sisters to sleep?

Hey! There I am! I'm the cute seed on the far left!

My uncle Danny is so sweet. He puts me and my brothers and sisters to bed one at a time by hand. He tells each and every one of us a bedtime story. Isn't he the best uncle ever!


Once uncle Danny gets us all in bed, he tucks us in by covering us up with more Coco Coir so we can sleep. I like it completely dark when I sleep. Uncle Danny is really good to us.

At night, I get thirsty. So before I go to sleep, uncle Danny gives me a drink of water. I told you, uncle Danny is the best!

Hey Look! Below! It's a video! If you'd like to see a short video of everything uncle Danny does for me, please click the play button.

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