Day 28 - My Very Own Dripper!

Hi Everyone. It’s me Tommy!

I'm so exited to talk to you today. So much has happened since my last blog post.

Remember when I said I was getting a new bed and a surprise present?

See the picture below.

It's my new bed!

My dad Scott says it's called a grow bag. Me and my brothers and sisters have so much room to grow and it's so comfortable.

And remember when I said I was getting a surprise present?

I got a dripper! It's my very own dripper!

I'm so excited. My dad just told me I'll be drinking 8 tablespoons a day of vitamins and minerals specially formulated for young tomatoes like me. Now I know why each drop tastes so good. It's made just for me!

Watch the video below. My dad wants to show you just how much I can drink. He's so proud of me.

I've got a special surprise for you. Take a look at the picture below my mom just showed me.

It's my house!

My brothers and sisters and I are so happy growing up in such a beautiful house.

And that's my dad in the picture. He spends hours and hours each day taking care of us. We're all so lucky to be growing up here at Beylik Farms.

OK. I better go. I've got to go potty.

I'll See you all next week...


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